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Bright school is a Montessori school, and the First Montessori School with a Homeschooling Program where the educational method is based on self-awareness activities, direct learning, and collaborative games.
All of which is for developing children mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Our school is accredited by the Indonesian National Accreditation Board.

 The programs we offer are:

1. Early childhood education where the program is directly from Montessori London
with a Certified Montessori teacher
2. Primary – Montessori + Diknas + Cambridge
3. JHS – Dikknas + International with Montessori philosophy
4. BLC – Bright Learning Center for Extracurricular programs
5. Special Needs Program

At the junior high school level, the curriculum we offer comprises two first-choice curriculum from the special curriculum program, plus the English and Mandarin language programs, and the second curriculum is the ACE International program. Schools will give parents and children the choice to choose what program they want. The program offered is unique and beneficial for children and parents because they can decide on plans to restore the education they will take.

 The ACE Curriculum program offered offers flexible learning and constant learning. Both programs will run simultaneously at school, but students will rejoin together in subjects related to physical education such as creating a project group program, sports, field trip.

At present Bright School has collaborated with several schools in Australia and the Philippines to develop quality for our students.

The programs we created provide convenience and pleasure for children to learn and enhance values:



 – Faith in God.            

– Noble Character.

Bright School exists to prepare a solid foundation for the next generations to SHINE BRIGHT wherever they go through Wholistic Education of International Standards.