2021 BFF Science Competition Finals

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Science Experiment Final Round & Science Learning Animation Video Bright Fun Fest 2021.

Bright Fun Fest 2021

Every year students around DKI Jakarta challenge themselves in Bright Fun Fest. This year we brought our spelling bee, mathematic, and science project competition online. Hence, it allowed students out of DKI Jakarta to participate in this event. This year 25 schools participated in our event, and more than 100 students compete in the spelling bee, mathematics, and science project competition.

The participants learned a lot and had fun in this competition. Spelling Bee competition brought together children from different primary schools to compete, helping them to increase their vocabulary and develop correct English usage while competing. Mathematics & Science project encouraged them to experience real-world problem solving, challenges requiring hands-on involvement, and out-of-the-box thinking. However, the competition also challenged the students to think critically, work together in teams, and strengthen collaborative and social skills.

We believe that providing the next generation to learn, explore, and develop their creativity will prepare them to face future global challenges.