2021 Online Spelling Bee

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It has been an honor to have so many participants from different schools present at our event. Their school participation ensured the success of our event. Our 2021 Spelling Bee competition brought together children from different primary schools to compete, helping them to improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, and develop correct English usage while competing. It also helped them to build self-confidence and was a lot of fun.

We believe that successful people are confident, have the right attitude, and the right set of life skills. Bright School Spelling Bee has been developed to create children’s confidence, presentation, and cognitive abilities, and to positively influence their attitudes to life. We believe primordially that journey was their reward. The process of learning how to spell, learning new words, their meaning while participating in our event is the most important aspect of the 2021 Bright School Spelling Bee.

We hope to invite you again soon. Please keep visiting us for further events and their details.

Thank you.