Anti-Bullying Seminar Held at Bright School

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On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Bright School welcomed psychologist Mr. Andri Wibowo, Drs. Psi, CH, CHt, and PNL to lead an anti-bullying seminar for our upper primary and JHS students. Focused on the matter of bullying, Andri sought to educate the students on how to identify bullying and its causes while discussing the pervasiveness of bullying on social media and outlining the measures that Bright School can take to combat the problem.

Mr. Wibowo prompted the students to consider the cause of bullying by proposing three possible sources: a lack of connection and empathy, the normalization of aggression, and psychological disorders. He explained that some individuals may be more susceptible to bullying, and then he pointed out the unique psychological challenges that social media pose in this regard.

To ensure that the students understood the importance of the potential consequences of cyberbullying, Mr. Wibowo spent a good portion of the seminar discussing several examples. He also provided helpful advice to help combat this issue, including encouraging children to speak out against bullying, find support from trusted adults, and put down their phones and social media accounts to spend time with family and friends.

In the end, Andri concluded the seminar by offering several recommendations to Bright School leadership on how to best mitigate the impact of bullying at school. He suggested that we keep on having an anti-bullying culture, increase education on the issue, provide strong support systems, and create a policy that offers sanctions against bullying for students who violate the rules.

At Bright School, we are grateful for Mr. Andri Wibowo’s expertise and for the enlightening seminar that he provided our students. We are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that our school environment is free of bullying and supportive of the emotional and psychological well-being of our young students.