Back to Nature, No Chemical & Friendly Environment

Bright SchoolField Trip

Kids in big cities, especially Jakarta rarely interact with nature. Because everywhere houses, buildings, and concrete skyscrapers not to mentioned a narrow courtyard. Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor is the perfect educational field trip experience for all the Bright school students.

Last Thursday, November 17, 2016 was a day when Bright School Families went to an educational field trip in Kuntum Farmfield. The place is field with rich biodiversity of different farm animals and a wide variety of agricultural farming plants. By giving a hands-on activities with the students such as feeding time with the baby goat with milk , guinea pigs, calf and kids each children developed a deeper love and respect of nature and animals included.

The children had a firsthand experienced in catching the gold fish using their bare hands and to have a horseback riding are the most loved activities.

The activity on that day ended with the painting of traditional hat wherein the children was able to express themselves more through their masterpiece designs. The hats they painted we a nice reminder to kids to appreciate their art works.