Reminiscing Bright School’s International Day, “A Whole New World”.

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Reminiscing Bright School's International Day, “A Whole New World”.

The theme of our International Day was “A Whole New World,” the new world that we will discover together with the kids’ performances. It is a fantastic world that we can create if we use our imagination. Who hasn’t heard of Aladdin? Those who have seen the film will recognize the owner of this magic lamp. Of course, if you watched the film you also should be familiar with Genie and Princess Jasmine. In the musical drama that Bright School’s children prepared, the character of Princess Jasmine is portrayed as a firm, independent, and brave woman. Jasmine can teach us two Incredible life lessons:

1. Be Yourself: Jasmine will educate us to be ourselves rather than trying to be someone else. Saying what we feel, following our hearts, listening to our inner voices, and reaching for our goals in a whole new world where we may be the best version of ourselves, God’s creation.

2. Women Empowerment: The character of Princess Jasmine will undoubtedly represent women’s empowerment. Her emotions and actions when pleading for justice in the song “Speechless” will further show this.

This Women Empowerment deserves to be an inspiration to all of us, particularly women. But, exactly, what is “women empowerment”? The dictionary defines it as an attempt to achieve women’s hopes, dreams, and goals. We’d like to conclude by emphasizing that women’s empowerment has the potential to strengthen women’s character and capabilities.

We’d like to invite you to open your eyes and hearts and ride on a magic carpet with us to experience the wonders of a “Whole New World.” Have fun watching the video!

Thank you!

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