Chinese Cultural Celebration

Bright SchoolContest

On Friday, 27th of January 2017, Bright School celebrated Chinese New Year. We had so many activities. Before the event, students did arts and crafts. KP class made chicken painting; Casa 1 class made colorful chicken, Casa 2 class made head of chicken with paper plate and primary class made chicken with plastic spoon. After that, all of the arts and crafts from students were displayed as decoration on the stage. Aside from that, we also had performances on that day. The KP’s performed chicken dance, Casa 1 students performed umbrella dance, Casa 2 students performed fan dance and lion dance from the primary students.
Not only that, but after enjoying the performances, the students continued the joyful celebration inside the classroom with games. The KP students enjoyed the egg peeling contest, Casa 1 and 2 and the primary played, umbrella relay, fan and egg relay and noodles competition respectively. Students were really enthusiast with the game. They competed to be a winner because they expect to get a present. But we emphasized that winning the game is not the most important, but the happiness and enjoyment of this event. Finally, the celebration was ended with various cuisines that the Chinese usually serves during New Year.