Class of 2021

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A message to our graduates

Dear, graduates.

None of you could have predicted that your graduation ceremony would be like this. Perhaps you expected you would wear a cap and gown surrounded by your loved ones. However, the pandemic is still present this year. Some of you came to school only to have your graduation photos taken. For some, they did it in their own homes, away from Bright School, and without the company of their classmates and teachers.

However, neither the pandemic nor social distancing can overshadow what has just happened. You’ve finished one chapter of your life and are starting another. You have every right to be proud of yourself. We guarantee you that your efforts were well rewarded. You should also thank your family, teachers, and everyone else who assisted you in reaching this accomplishment.

Bright School wishes to express a great deal to you through this message. Life is also a teacher and educates us all too much; it reaffirms there is a reward for those who live it with dignity, decency, honesty, ideals, solidarity, compassion, appreciation, and devotion to the truth. These are the virtues of the complete individuals we cultivate at Bright School through our teachers and all the people who work in our beautiful institution.

We can define success in a variety of ways. One among them is the ability to attain fame, wealth, and power. Those are hardly little objectives, but they elude many of us. We all have the power to live according to our values, to do good, and to be noble enough to forgive both our neighbors and ourselves. That is also one way to define success.

Dear graduates, you will continue to realize your aspirations.  Currently, you’re doing it in a world in conflict with an unseen adversary, doing damage to health, safety, and the economy. But don’t be afraid of adversity. Fill your life with hope, joy, and, most importantly, LOVE, which is the wellspring of all good things. You will be rewarded for your efforts. And believe that education is a lifelong journey that does not conclude with a graduation ceremony. Never cease being inquisitive and creative; read extensively and listen to wise and friendly people. Never stop learning from that great teacher that life is.

We are delighted to congratulate you. For all you’ve accomplished, and everything you’ll continue doing in the future.

We wish you all the best.

“Caring for the Next Generations”