Bright School Discussion. 2nd Series

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For the second time, in our Bright School series of discussions, we shared significant information with our community. On this opportunity, teen’s sexuality was the topic.

We discussed and addressed how some children who will enter junior high school may still be in the pre-teens and teens groups. Distinguished by the condition of those who have not yet or have gone through puberty. The purpose of Sexuality Education in teens is to provide comfort for students to welcome puberty and all the processes of change that occur in them so they are in a healthy condition sexually. This is under the definition of Sexual Health, which describes a condition of being healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially related to sexuality, not just the absence of illness, dysfunction, or disability. Our discussion conveyed several important matters related to the needs of prospective junior high school-aged students, including:

1. Definition of child development (physically and psychologically)

2. Understanding of puberty in general

3. Various changes that occur at puberty, both for genders students, female and male.

4. What parents should do before and during puberty in adolescents.

5. Establish effective communication to make children open to parents

6. Others.

a. Preparations for pre-puberty.

b. Early stages from an Embryo to a baby.

c. Dating, can you?

d. Sexual harassment.

e. Sexual abuse focus: identifying and avoiding sexual violence against children/teens

f. The Dangers of Pornography.

Don’t miss the next of our discussion series, where many interesting topics addressed by Bright School’s Guests will provide a great variety of insights into current issues for the community.