Graduation and Year-End Performances

Bright SchoolGraduation

Last 20 May 2017 in Gedung PKK Melati marked an important milestone in our children’s learning journey. Its was during this time that we held our yearly Graduation and Year-End Perfomance. Each and every children, parents, relatives, friends and the whole school community are all in a festive mode. The theme for this years big event is “ The Lion King; A Children’s Broadway Musical Play.” This was also a perfect time to give recognition to all the hard work of the children by announcing their certificates and special awards. We moved to the beat of the graduating class performance and was mesmerized by how children delivered the very first Children’s Broadway Musical Play. Indeed, it was a well attended event. We like to say thank you for all the parents support and congratulations and good luck to all our graduating students. May your light continue to shine as you continue to the next level in Primary.