Teacher’s Day Celebration

Bright SchoolGraduation

On October 5, 2017, Bright School celebrated Teacher’s Day. The purpose was to give knowledge about teachers’ services to children, so the students can appreciate and respect their teachers. During this event, students wore teachers costume so they could be looked as teacher and all teachers wore students’ costume.
In this event, we had games for teachers and students alike. We had musical chairs for teachers, while Kinderplay and Casa classes had played colored ball basketball and guessing game. The Primary on the other hand had sentence relay. After the games, we jumped to arts and crafts, where Kinderplay class had flowers craft, Casa 1 and 2 had Plastic plate craft and big hug card respectively. All Primary class however made cards with poem or Thank you card to appreciate their teachers’ role in their lives. This event ended by a group photo session.
Thank God, the event went well and smoothly. Every kid enjoyed and had fun. From this event, we hope all the students could understand about teachers services and we can celebrate it again next year.
Thank you everyone who supported this event. Till then!