Bright SchoolTestimonies

It happened about four or five years ago, when my eldest was in P-1 (primary one). It was when she showed up at one of the school’s events one morning that I met Mrs. Khristine, outside the schoolyard. We could still see a faint moon still lingered in the morning sky, and Rega was pointing at it excitedly. Mrs. Khristine then explained to her and my younger daughter, still in kindergarten, how day and night happen and about the earth/moon orbit. I thought it was too heavy and not too necessary a conversation for 8 A.M, not necessary (after all they are still kids, I thought). But, when I saw my kids listening to her explanation eager and enthralled, I began to see and admire how she was practicing the forward-thinking education system seamlessly, truly believing  that children can start learning just about anything even at a very young age. This one small experience transformed the way I educate my children: Now, I trust in their ability to learn more, never underestimating their intellectual abilities what we adults think kids may not comprehend.

Along with the kids, the school has also educated me that children can reach their full potential at their own time and pace. Of course, honing my parenting skills has been a bonus for me in enrolling my kids in Bright School, but what’s more important is how they learn at school. In one of the nighttime conversations I had with them, I asked them what they thought was fabulous about their school. Rega mentioned the three jars that the teacher had put on display or showed the kids when she was in Casa-2 (some 5 years ago); Amore immediately confirmed the same, and it seemed to have been a source of profound experiential learning for both of them. The three jars were the study of Land-Water-Air. The kids were asked to blow air into the empty jar and to quickly close the jar to keep the air in. Later in P-2 (primary two) and P-5 (primary 5) they learned about liquid, solid and gas! What an innovative way of introducing science concepts to students at that age.

In conclusion, we are happy we choose Bright School as the school for our children to attain their early education.

Best regards,

Mongga & Taki