Time Flies

Bright School2015 International day

Time has flown by at Bright School, and its classrooms hold nostalgia and thousands of memories. So many joyous moments, so many fantastic dreams, days, months, years have gone by without realizing, creating so many unforgettable experiences.

Thank you, dear home Bright School, for all these years that have passed by which have been the happiest, most joyous, unforgettable, and beautiful for everyone that has been a part of you because along with the help of your greatest teachers, you have guided the steps of many children.

This video is part of a 2015 International Day event carried out at Bright School. On this occasion, displays of colors, music, and cultures took place, where parents and family joined with their children.

Attendants enjoyed a variety of foods and activities to celebrate this multicultural event.

Teachers and children decorated the school with themes reflecting the culture of unique countries from around the world, while the attendants enjoyed a variety of food and performances from all over the globe.