Early Childhood Goes to Pinisi

Bright SchoolField Trip

What better way to introduce the rich culture of Indonesia than to have a chance to visit Pinisi Science and Edutainment Center. The journey towards our children being able to experience this center is a long and fruitful one. For a school to be granted an access to this melting pot of culture one must secure a reservation of not later than 4 months in advance. In each learning classroom Pinisi offers a variation of classes such as Gamalan, Dance, Drama & Vocal, Wayang, Batik-Making, Angklung, Crafts and Coloring fun. Each class has a duration of 30 mins afterwhich our students needs to go to the next possible available class. It is priceless to see our children’s smile and excitement when they experienced to ride the mini becak. Having a hands on experience to introduce Science is one of the core philosophies of Pinisi. Our children had a wonderful chance to experience and feel how a tornado works through their Science hands-on room. Not to mentioned a ride in their mini train and a grip of the flying fox are one in a million of ways our children enjoyed learning.

Overall We want to thank all our parents who supported us in this educational field trip with all our early childhood students. These is one experience why will never forget.