Bright SchoolGraduation

Bright School together with Kind Object held an event last September 24, 2017 called Family Days Out at SQ Dome TB. Simatupang. The event was held a day before term break which is perfect time for students and their family spending time together with friends and teachers before the holiday.
The objectives of the events were to let the students experience how to perform in the public area and to build relations among their family members . Dance performances , spelling bee, story telling and family team building were the activities during the said event.
The most enjoyable activity was the Family Team Building where all the students and their family really tried their best to be the winner. To appreciate their efforts, School provide some vouchers for the prizes and goody bags to all participants.
We are thankful to all the parents who made the event successful and memorable and also to Kind Object Team who supported us well.
See you in other wonderful event.