Bright Student Counsel (BSC)

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Bright Student Counsel (BSC) is a student counsel in Bright School. In line with our school’s vision, mission, and core values, the charity program is one of our school programs that shows our social responsibility as a social human being. Last Friday, October 16, 2020, BSC mobilized to help the community in Ciganjur affected by a landslide because of the … Read More

Dance Your Soul Away

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Dance Your Soul Away Winner!!! Congratulations to Yulia Nadira Nauli Harahap from Primary one for winning the Dance Your Soul Away Contest! Your triumph will ring through the history of our school. We are proud of you!

About Bright School

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Institutional Bright School Video Bright school is a Montessori school, and the First Montessori School with a Homeschooling Program where the educational method is based on self-awareness activities, direct learning, and collaborative games.All of which is for developing children mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Our school is accredited by the Indonesian National Accreditation Board.  The programs we offer are: 1. … Read More

Time Flies

Bright School2015 International day

Time has flown by at Bright School, and its classrooms hold nostalgia and thousands of memories. So many joyous moments, so many fantastic dreams, days, months, years have gone by without realizing, creating so many unforgettable experiences. Thank you, dear home Bright School, for all these years that have passed by which have been the happiest, most joyous, unforgettable, and … Read More

Saya Ibu Ratna.

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Sejak anak saya berusia 3 tahun, saya sudah mulai mencari sekolah. Kami mendatangi beberapa sekolah hingga akhirnya datang ke Bright School dan menemukan kecocokan, anak saya Chesko ternyata juga senang. Pada waktu itu Bright School belum seperti sekarang, mungkin anak saya adalah angkatan pertama yang pada saat itu hanya ada beberapa murid saja, 9 siswa saat itu duduk di CASA. Tapi dengan … Read More


Bright SchoolTestimonies

It happened about four or five years ago, when my eldest was in P-1 (primary one). It was when she showed up at one of the school’s events one morning that I met Mrs. Khristine, outside the schoolyard. We could still see a faint moon still lingered in the morning sky, and Rega was pointing at it excitedly. Mrs. Khristine … Read More

Montessori Kids in the Kitchen

Bright SchoolCooking

One of the main purposes of the Montessori Method is to create independence in children from an early age. This independence focuses on all aspects of the lives of children, from learning and understanding of abstract concepts, to autonomy when carrying out activities of daily living, such as cooking. Although the tasks that can be carried out in each of … Read More

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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Wishing you and your family a happy Chinese New Year. May the New Year bring you lots of happiness and prosperity.”